Compared to other technologies, iSensPro is a unique non-intrusive leak detection and corrosion inspection system for piping systems. Now movement, noise, temperature, humidity and corrosion ‘data under insulation’ become available for pro-active and data-based predictive maintenance. Upgrade the tasks of your maintenance team from ad-hoc inspection to data-based mitigation. Ultimate resolution of corrosion under insulation CUI problems now becomes possible.


Easy to install on the outside of the cladding  with no the need to remove the existing insulation. Ideal for both new installations and retro-fit existing pipes.

Real-Time 24/7 Monitoring

Automated Inspection & Detection  to monitor real-time 24/7 the presence of moisture under the insulation.

Complete Detection

The iSensPro sensor is mounted on the outside of the cladding and monitors the entire section 360 ° around the piping.

Predict & Mitigate

Pro-active maintenance in stead of inspection thanks to time-based data. Now switch from risk-based to data-based mitigation and resolution plans for the management of industrial assets.

Compatible with IoT

Receive automated and immediate data and alerts on your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. Compatible with all major IoT platforms: IBM, SAP,  MS Azure, WinCC Siemens, …

Data > Knowledge > Action

No more fire-fighting!
Monitor the ‘data under insulation’ and drive your maintenance team to work on pro-active value added tasks.