Monitor Data Under Insulation.

iSensPro offers peace of mind and cost reductions to its industrial colleagues by predicting the start and progress of CUI on new and existing systems. Easy to install and easy to live with, our unique, patented, non-intrusive sensor technology monitors assets 24/7, enabling the in-depth data analysis that accurate maintenance planning demands.

Corrosion under insulation corrodes more than physical assets.

Corrosion costs the processing industries billions of euros worldwide every year in scheduled maintenance and repairs as well as unplanned downtime and accident response. 80% of corrosion under insulation (CUI) is on piping and causes 60% of pipe failure; CUI multiplies safety risks immeasurably and causes untold worry for operations managers and maintenance teams.

iSensPro is changing the terms of engagement with CUI. Our unique, patented monitoring technology has the power to make insulation and static equipment smart—and bring operations teams peace of mind as never before.

Corrosion under insulation is a severe form of localized corrosion that poses significant operational risks, safety hazards and economic costs such as:

  • expensive and incomplete manual inspections

  • loss in productivity due to unplanned downtime or prolonged shutdowns

  • premature equipment replacement

  • energy loss from compromised insulation

Until now, risk-based inspections (RBI) have been the primary means of mitigating these problems. Unfortunately, the material costs and risks to human safety with this method range from serious to astronomical—and that’s not counting high repair costs that might have been reduced or prevented with earlier detection of insulation moisture and CUI.

There is a light at the end of the CUI pipeline
The iSensPro sensor system is an innovative, patented, non-intrusive, permanent sensor system to monitor data under insulation continuously. Yes, 24/7. Sensors generate data on insulation and static equipment such as pipes and tanks that can be analysed in conjunction with other data on movement, temperature and cloud-sourced external environmental conditions. The result? Continuous monitoring to detect the start of corrosion and the progress of corrosion.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)





Easy to install on the outside of the cladding with no need to remove existing insulation. Ideal as a retrofit for existing or new installations.

Automated inspection and detection of moisture under insulation monitored in real time, 24/7.

iSensPro sensors are mounted on the exterior of the cladding and monitor the entire section in 360° around the piping.