Industrial Enthusiasm Goes Both Ways

Overstating our thanks to our external colleagues for their interest, feedback, contributions and support is one thing we cannot do. Learn what some of our partners and colleagues have to say about iSensPro:

Industry References

‘iSensPro technology is absolutely disruptive. The non-destructive aspect is entirely different to other sensors, it’s fantastic innovation. Yves is very open and explains all the principles extremely clearly to make sure we understand how it works.’

Alberto Garcia-Blanco, International Specification Manager for Industry Saint-Gobain

iSensPro has everything it takes to tackle CUI to the maximum extent with an innovative sensor platform. More development is still to be done and reliability in industrial applications needs to be proven, however I am convinced that the iSensPro team has the professionalism and innovative talent to meet this challenge.

iSensPro is to me a practical and economical solution, based on a proven technology, that can help asset-owners mitigate Corrosion Under Insulation. It’s developed by a company that has a track record in industrial insulation and understands the significance of the role of insulation and CUI.

Johan Sentjens