Why iSensPro?

A pipe has a last line of defence, the coating, which is incredibly resilient and protective for years—but not forever. Once it degrades to the point that the metal pipe is unprotected, conditions are ripe for the corrosion triangle to be activated.

The accepted state of the art in corrosion detection and monitoring uses anything from visual inspections and possibly ultrasound to thermography, radiography, or pulsed eddy current. Sometimes the insulation is physically removed to provide access.  The data collected are usually assessed in a spreadsheet and result in reactive, risk-based analyses and maintenance. The costs and risks associated with scaffolding rental, set-up and breakdown, and human safety alone are staggering — and that’s without including any of the remedial costs. And all of this affects only small, localised inspection areas.

What if inspection were different?

Easy on assets, easy on TCO, easy on you

Lightyears from the days when insulation pipe insulation sections had to be removed and inspected offsite and a generation beyond non-destructive testing (NDT), the iSensPro system provides an easy, non-invasive method to reap multiple benefits:

Easy, non-destructive installation

Continuous Monitoring, 24/7

360° sensing

Budget-friendly iSensPro sensors are blind to asset age and can be installed equally on new or existing equipment. Installation is easy in ways you’ve only dreamed about:

  • No need to remove nor to replace the insulation

  • No invasion of insulation: the sensors are held onto the outside of the cladding with straps

  • No cabling installation headaches: sensors send data wirelessly over LORA to the on-premise gateway.

Data gathered continuously provide a wealth of useful information to:

  • Improve plant productivity

  • Lower costs of inspection labour and scaffolding

  • Reduce unplanned downtimes

Data are collected from the entire circumference of the insulated pipe or tank, removing the human uncertainty factor inherent in installing other types of sensors correctly.

Imagine how much more peace of mind you’ll enjoy with fewer insulation costs and other operational risks in your life!

Customised solutions

Our sensor solutions serve customers who want to reduce maintenance costs, digitize and monitor remotely. Our core offering of hardware and software includes:

iSensPro technology is constantly evolving, at work in the field in pilot programs and testing scenarios in various chemical and oil and gas refinery contexts. We actively gather data from real-life installations to detect the start of corrosion and are approaching reliable detection of the progress of corrosion. iSensPro also builds relationships with intermediary service providers to add value to their offering.