Our vision at iSensPro is to lead globally in the creation of sensor-generated data and analysis systems for the process industry to support increased peace of mind by decreasing risk, costs, and environmental impact.


thrives on ‘making dumb things smarter’, such as the data under insulation, for one. He bought Isoltechnics, an insulation installation business, in 2005 and has a deep, hands-on understanding of insulation and associated corrosion issues. With this experience, combined with an understanding of communications networks from an equally long tenure in telecoms, master’s degrees in electronics from KU Leuven and computer science from Imperial College, and a naturally inventive mind, Yves is uniquely qualified and inspired to develop game-changing CUI technology.

Yves is committed to social responsibility in action: Isoltechnics won VOKA’s Sustainable HR Management in 2014; was a Climate Ambassador 2020 finalist; and has earned UN Certification for taking action on all 18 EU Social Development Goals (SDGs). The company’s employees have voluntarily manufactured over 1500 fabric face masks during the pandemic. Yves serves on the Board of FIX Brussels vzw, an organisation focussed on assisting primarily young, unemployed refugees in the construction business to find jobs.


insistently curious and relentlessly inventive, has R&D experience on projects from nuclear research to aerospace technology and hybrid mobility to industrial insulation. He worked with Yves at Isoltechnics and sees iSensPro as ‘the perfect storm of innovation and experience’. Dirk is also Professor of Energy Technology at KU Leuven, and in addition to imparting knowledge, deeply appreciates the stimulation of discussions with students. He holds master’s degrees in engineering from KU Leuven as well as in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Vlerick Business School.

Dirk’s involvement in education extends to his voluntary role on the board of directors of Kodid, which guides a community of fourteen basic and secondary schools to serve the children’s needs effectively.


has the long view of a seasoned, serial entrepreneur, business coach and board member who has guided many companies in successful growth. He brings depth and breadth in an unmatched perspective to the team, grounded in his career as a mechanical engineer and fuelled by his passion for start-ups. Maurice earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from KU Leuven, moved into research, and started his first company, LMS International, in 1979.

Maurice’s latest philanthropic efforts have been with the Rotary Club Leuven, serving the non-profit Buurthuis ’t Lampeke to source hundreds of laptops for underserved students residing in the Ridderbuurt, in order for them to have the means to continue their education via distance learning during the pandemic.


Shadi Hamdan, like the rest of the iSensPro team, is a determined visionary magnetized by innovation. He favours the simplest, most robust solutions possible for the benefit of the greatest number of people. He first graduated from IUG University in Gaza with a degree in civil engineering.

Living in a water-stressed region led him to pursue a master’s degree in water resources engineering at the IUPWARE programme organized by KU Leuven and the Vrije Universiteit Brussels in collaboration with Delft University. He earned his PhD in chemical engineering from KU Leuven, conducting part of his PhD research at Northeastern University in Boston, focussing on electrochemical technology as a novel approach for controlling seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers.



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