Monitor Data Under Insulation: Leak Detection and Corrosion

Monitor Data Under Insulation

iSensPro is an innovative and patented permanent sensor system to monitor data under insulation.

Leaks and corrosion are often hidden under the insulation and jacket. As such they are invisible to the outside. As a result, they pose a serious risk hazard for maintenance professionals. So to address these issues, iSensPro has developed a unique leak detection and corrosion under insulation sensor system. The sensors can be installed on the outside of the jacket without removing the insulation.

Now it is possible to monitor both Leak Detection (moisture) and Corrosion under insulation (CUI) on a continuous basis. Indeed, the sensors monitor data under the insulation on a real-time 24/7 basis. Also the unique measuring technique enables installation of the sensors ON THE OUTSIDE of the aluminum cladding. As such the non-intrusive sensor system is easy to retro-fit on existing installations. Of course the sensors can also be installed on new installations.

As a result monitoring industrial piping installations with the unique iSensPro technology implies all 4 piping maintenance tasks are covered:
inspection + detection + prediction + mitigation.

Inspect + Detect + Predict + Mitigate

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) poses a significant operational problem, safety hazard and economic cost.

The presence of moisture in and under insulation is the root cause of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

CUI is often invisible to the surface of the insulation. As a result this makes it difficult for conventional techniques to detect the problem.

Therefor such challenges may require installation shutdowns. Also when using conventional techniques, the removal of insulation is often required for inspection. This is costly, time consuming and sometimes not necessary. Therefor the conventional monitoring systems are often not economical but it is always “better be safe than sorry”.

Hence, iSensPro has developed a unique sensor solution. Indeed the iSensPro sensors can be simply installed on the outside of the jacket. Also the sensors monitor the data under the insulation on a continuous basis. As a result a pro-active maintenance and mitigation plan is now available to management.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Leak Detection

Leaks in industrial pipelines are a major cause for hazardous maintenance challenges.

Major leaks are usually detected immediately by the sudden drop in pipeline pressure.

Small leaks however are very hard to detect. Small leaks can lead to long-term damage and especially corrosion under insulation if not discovered and fixed rapidly.

The unique iSensPro sensor monitors humidity under the insulation on a continuous basis. As such both small and major leaks are detected on a instant basis. This then drives direct repair action on the short term and pro-active mitigation for long term maintenance.

Non-intrusive Leak Detection under insulation

iSensPro is a unique Leak Detection and CUI sensor system

iSensPro is a 24/7 monitoring system

The patented iSensPro solution is a stand-alone sensor system. Also the external installation of the sensors is easy. Simply install the sensors on the cladding (non-intrusive) with no need to remove the existing insulation nor the cladding. As such, the sensors can detect the presence of moisture under the insulation and presence of corrosion  on pipes, tanks, and valves.

The system continuously 24/7 monitors the presence of moisture without the involvement of trained personnel.

As such, the iSensPro sensors provide time-based data to enable data-based (rather than risk-based) mitigation plans. These actionable plans for the management of industrial assets reduce the costs associated with down time, lost productivity or even total facility shutdown.

Installing 24/7 Monitoring System leak detection and corrosion under insulation

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The unique iSensPro sensor solution can  monitor humidity and corrosion under the insulation without the need to remove the insulation. Also the non-intrusive measuring technique enables to inspect, detect, predict and mitigate hazardous leaks and corrosion under insulation (CUI). Eliminating leaks and pro-actively solving CUI enhances safety. Indeed pro-active maintenance improves production efficiency and reduces maintenance cost for Oil&Gas, Chemical&Pharma, Refineries&Utilities and Food&Beverage industry.

How to detect and prevent Corrosion under insulation CUI?
Corrosion under insulation iSensPro monitoring solution

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a severe form of localized external corrosion. This type of corrosion occurs in carbon and low alloy steel equipment that has been insulated. Indeed this form of corrosion occurs when water is absorbed by or collected in the insulation. As a result, the equipment begins to corrode as it is exposed to water and oxygen.

CUI can remain undetected for years because it is hidden by the insulation and the jacket. Often it is detected too late and equipment has to be replaced. Therefor the costs associated with down time, lost productivity, or even total facility shutdown can be substantial. Also sudden hazardous leaks are possible which can result in the potentially catastrophic release of combustible or otherwise hazardous materials.