A win-win student project

✔ Two graduate industrial engineering students eager to work with iSensPro took on a project to design and build a piping test set-up to detect insulation behaviour under wet conditions. The students’ efforts generated valuable new insights, both technical – and life lessons. Now, the iSensPro sensor can test insulated pipes under controlled and cyclic fluid temperatures, a great new playground for iSensPro.

Even more, the students accurately defined the sensor’s specifications in terms of the resolution and accuracy of the moisture content inside insulation.  Now we can more accurately take into account the effects of the actual set-up on our measurements, allowing us to better differentiate between these and those from the presence of moisture on the measurement.

For the students, everything that could go wrong with the project did, from learning to communicate with skilled employees working with disabilities and setbacks resulting from a supplier that completely misdelivered components. The priceless lessons? Perseverance and resilience!