What’s the installation cost of the iSensPro sensor system?

➤ Cost varies with every installation because of so many onsite variables. What is constant about installing iSensPro sensors is ease and speed, both cost-savers. The non-invasive sensors are positioned on the outside of the cladding, without requiring tricky access, so they’re easy to install. Only a few minutes are needed: the sensors are fixed to the exterior of the cladding with two metal bands.

➤ Correct installation also requires segmentation of the cladding by placing a rubber band in between two cladding elements.  Whether on a new or existing asset, installation is fast. When new cladding is being installed, iSensPro sensors are easily integrated into the process, taking no time at all. On existing cladding elements, one element must be loosened to allow placing the rubber.  An experienced technician can do this in a few extra minutes.
And one of our favorites? Because the points of installation are precisely located, the work can be done from an aerial platform, avoiding the need for expensive scaffolding.

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